Nesterra Facemasks - A new necessity in the wardrobe collection

Nesterra Facemasks - A new necessity in the wardrobe collection

As people become more and more aware of the necessary practices of safety during the ongoing COVID pandemic, health organisations like WHO and CDC have strongly recommended the use of facemasks as a primary precaution to avoid mass spread of the disease. A few months back, no one would have guessed that facemasks would be the next fashion trend. The future market share of this upcoming industry is estimated to cross the $50 billion mark by 2025. This silver lining to a looming black cloud comes at a time when
the textile industry is struggling to overcome the drop in the market demand for apparels and other textiles.

Facemasks are divided into two broad categories – medical/surgical facemask and fabric facemask, which can be either disposable or reusable. The initial pandemic scare caused a sudden surge in demand for surgical masks (especially N-95 respirator masks), and led to a shortage of these medical masks for frontline medical workers and COVID-affected patients.
However, people today have become less paranoid and now accept the safety level of fabric masks for daily use.

At the beginning of March 2020, India was poorly equipped to meet the demand for facemasks of medical/surgical of non-woven material. However, within a span of three months, India has become the second-largest exporter of medical-grade facemasks. This is a true measure of the capability and adaptability of the Indian textile market. Textile
companies are now manufacturing masks which are not only effective, but also stylish and trendy.

Nesterra, a division of Sutlej Textiles, is proud to introduce Nesterra Safe Masks, a wide range of reusable fabric facemasks to protect against viruses in daily use - for men, women and children.

Manufactured at hi-tech facilities under the highest safety and hygiene standards, the masks are triple-layered for complete protection and available in various styles and designs. Available for individual reselling, as well as corporate bulk orders, each facemask is strenuously tested at certified labs to maintain a high level of quality and effectiveness. Ergonomic designs for enhanced comfort and easily breathable cloth and material ensures skin-friendliness and avoids any kind of discomfoSafety and Effectiveness For all the aesthetic look and comfort, each Nesterra Safe Mask is thoroughly tested in certified labs for its efficiency. In its standard Bacterial Filtration efficiency evaluation (namely ASTMF 2101 and ASTMF 2299), it was seen that Nesterra mask was effective in filtering out more than 99% of bacterial filtration and 98% of particulate filtration.

As the world recuperates from the current pandemic situation, facemasks and protective gears are going to be one of the most important fashion accessories across the globe. What once started as a safety and preventive equipment, will now find its way into the common household.

Even global fashion brands have started the manufacturing of facemasks as part of their apparel collection and pretty soon, it can be the next most important thing for a person to carry, after his mobile phone, keys and wallet, as they step outside.

Though this new addition is in its nascent stage, there will be further developments to add to the comfort of its use. As an example, the current masks are not meant for sports purposes, nor are they suited for stringent working conditions like in factories and contaminated zones. These questions will soon be answered as we progress ahead. However, one thing is for sure, that facemasks are the new ‘normal’.

To order your very own Nesterra Safe Mask, write to us at masks@nesterra.comor call us on +91 93248 67140 or +91 98197 87730.

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