The Innovative Approach of Sutlej Textiles in Yarns

The Innovative Approach of Sutlej Textiles in Yarns

The textiles industry has evolved in significant measure over the last decade, with innovation at its helm. As the industry spread vertically to overcome global boundaries and create a world-wide market, its lateral expansion is focused on ingenious methods, materials and machinery to meet these ever-growing needs. Natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen and wool have always been favourites, but the evolution of textiles made of man-made-fibre & synthetics have been commendable. The quality of textiles has improved with the refinement of textile manufacturing process and the development of functional properties that has enhanced the customer experience. Natural fibres in their organic forms and synthetic fabrics developed out of recycled materials, are indicators of a shift among consumers to adopt sustainable materials as ecologically responsible beings.

Sutlej Textiles and Industries is one of India’s finest yarn providers, with its market-base expanding to over 60 countries. The ability of the company to create a expansive bouquet of products stems from its competencies of innovative research labs and stringent quality guidelines. Their dedicated Yarn Development Centres (YDC), which cater separately to cotton mélange yarns and synthetic yarns, continuously innovate on evolving product offerings and undertake class-leading research, to not only address the existing demand, but rather create a unique market for their niche products. Backed with international accreditations like GOTS, BCI, OEKO-TEX, SUPIMA, ISO 9001:2015 and many others, Sutlej builds its identity as an innovation-driven and trusted partner for its clientele.

The company prides itself in having one of the largest range of products, ranging from 100% organic cotton yarn, to fancy yarn, to compact & sustainable yarn and so on…

Blended Cotton yarn: Sutlej provides a wide range of blended cotton yarn prepared through a mix of different types of fibres, both natural and synthetic, to give each product various characteristics like strength, thickness, crease resistance, aesthetic effects and cost-efficiency.

Mélange yarn: Mélange yarns are blended with different colors of fibers to develop numerous shades in the yarn textile, Popular for their uniqueness and attractiveness, Sutlej is renowned for its high-quality grey mélange yarn and cotton mélange yarn, among other types.

Injection Slub Yarn: Adding its own innovative touch to Slub yarn, Sutlej provides multicount and multitwist yarn and short slubs, which provide endless possibilities for apparel and other such textile-based domains.

Polyester Cotton/Polyester Viscose: Viscose is a lightweight material, soft to feel & shiny to look at, affordable and extremely comfortable to use in both winter and summer, Polyester fibre is resistant to wrinkles, strong and extremely durable, and polyester fabric is used by most of the population in the world.

Jaspe/Roving Grindle Yarn: In giving the Jaspe effect to the yarn, two different types of yarn are combined but are not mixed thoroughly. As per the requirement, yarns are blended in Jaspe effects in different proportions, the end result being a rustic play of colors, in which both colors remain easily identifiable.

Snow Heather yarn: An effect possible with only 100% cotton, it can be made in combination with the injection-slub effect. The yarn is spun using pre-dyed fibres and blended together to achieve a particular look. It has a huge demand in manufacturing of sweaters and home pieces like sofa upholstery.

Compact yarn: Compact yarn is created using a special technique, where the fibre strand is first condensed before twisting it. This reduces the ‘hairiness’ of the yarn and improves its tensile strength, thus also leading to improved regularity of yarn.

Sustainable Yarn: Sustainable yarn is focused on preserving the environmental balance and is usually made from recycled plastic and other such materials. A good example of this type is the recycled polyester yarn which is made out of recycled PET bottles. It helps in reducing environmental pollution, while saving energy and having other social and economic benefits.

Apart from these, yarn can also be treated with other such specialized effects like the Neppy effect, Chilli Flake effect, Marled Effect, etc.

Core ProductsSpecial ProductsFancy ProductsSustainable products
100% Cotton MélangeCotton/ Lenzing Modal Mel.Slub yarnRecycle Polyester
100% Viscose MélangeCotton/Tencel MélangeInjection slub yarnRecycle Cotton
Polyester/Cotton MélangeCotton/Excel MélangeNeppy yarnOrganic Cotton/ F.T. Cotton/BCI Cotton
Cotton/Viscose MélangeCotton/Linen MélangeSnow yarnSeacell
Fiber Dyed Yarn -100% Cotton & it’s blendCotton/Acrylic MélangeRoving grindle yarnSmartcell
Cotton/Wool MélangeHairy Mélange yarnCupro (Aashi Bemberg)
Cotton/Silk MélangeFestal HeatherHemp
Cotton/Nylon MélangeJolly HeatherLinen
Cotton/Lurex FibreShaggy MélangeLenzing Ecovero
Cotton/metallic FibreMetallic yarn Liva Eco by Grasim
Cotton/Vis/Silk/WoolD S FancyLenzing Refibra
Pima Cotton MélangeSpeel MélangeLiva Reviva
Cotton/Bamboo MélangeSeveral Other EffectsLenzing Modal
Optical bleach yarnLyocell
Optical PSF & its blendsExcel
Weaving Twist YarnBamboo Fibre
Compact YarnBamboo Charcoal Fibre
Vat Dyed Mélange
Sulphur Dyed
Eco Friendly Dyes

Range of Products from Sutlej Textiles

Product innovation and a legacy of committed quality manufacturing over several are the reasons for Sutlej having strong customer base. It’s the preferred brand for many leading textile manufacturers in USA, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Egypt, Bangladesh and Turkey. Sutlej Textiles consistently maintains quality across its manufacturing units and provides a seamless service support.
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