Gift your Loved Ones the Gift of Protection

Gift your Loved Ones the Gift of Protection

Festivals bring with them joy and a sense of family. Homes are cleaned and decorated, aromas of delicacies waft in from the kitchens and families and friends gather together to celebrate. Food and gifts play an integral part in these celebrations. Traditional food items are shared together on tables full of loved ones and gifts are exchanged. For most people, festivals denote the annual distribution of gifts to their friends and family. Though budgets may be tight this year due to the sad state of most people’s finances, but people aren’t willing to compromise on traditions like gifting. Gifting holds even more importance this year because, this year we will not only celebrate festivals, we will also celebrate the joy of being alive and in good health with a sense of gratitude and gratefulness. So what would be an ideal gift for your friends and family in the year of the pandemic?

If you notice the festivals of different religions, the common thread that binds them is that most of them revolve around the emergence of good over evil. Durga Puja is about the goddess vanquishing the evil Asuras, Dussehra marks the victory of God Ram over the evil Raavan, Diwali marks the auspicious beginning of Ram Rajya with the arrival of Ram to his hometown, Christmas celebrates the birth of the saviour Jesus...and so on. Since time immemorial, the human race has tried to protect itself from the various dangerous elements which have sprung across the centuries. So what can be a more apt gift for your loved ones this festive season then to gift them protection against the evil elements of our decade– diseases, pollution and global warming?

When it comes to self, face masks are unquestionably the most important item for one’s protection. Due to the pandemic, it is mandatory to use a face mask when stepping out of home and even use one at home if there is an invalid present. Like mobile phones, face masks have become a part of our body and we cannot imagine stepping out without them.Infact, in one study, researchers from universities in Arizona, Harvard and Sydney have, using mathematical models for a population in New York, shown that if 70% of people wore an effective professional mask every time they ventured outdoors, the pandemic could be eliminated from the city.So face masks remain an essential personal item in everyone’s wardrobe.
As per the World Health Organisation, their revisedguidelines suggest that everyone should wear fabric masks (non-medical) in public which should contain at least three layers of different materials. There are three basic characteristics to keep in mind when purchasing a fabric face mask- it should have three-layered protection, the fabric should be soft and reusable and it should be comfortable to wear.

Nesterraface masks by the reputed house of Sutlej Textiles not only fits these criteria but it also makes for an ideal gift for your loved ones in the festive season. Nesterra face masks effectively filter out more than 99% bacterial filtrations and 98% particulate filtration as per the evaluation done by Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Evaluation (namely ASTMF 2101 AND ASTMF 2299). They are made of the softest fabrics from Sutlej Textiles, the flagship textile company from the illustrious K K Birla Group which exports fabrics to over 62 countries across the globe. Reasonably priced, these face masks are not only easy on the pocket but they are high on comfort too. With their unique adjustable ear loops, you don’t need to worry about different sizes for different people and can safely order in bulk. They have an extremely attractive range of designs to choose from, ranging from cute cartoons and funky art for children to solid colours and attractive prints for adults. Face mask shopping has never been so much fun as it is with Nesterra face masks – masks which combine fashion with protection. You can check out the details in the link below:

Apart from personal gifts, gifts for homes also abound during this season of festivity. Often a home utility item is gifted to close families. Items for the houses are also given during housewarming, something which happens the most around Dhanteras and Diwali due to the auspicious beliefs surrounding this festival. We are celebrating the “new Normal Wali Diwali” this year and the most suitable gift in homecare in the year of the pandemic will be Nesterra fabrics for curtains. Curtains are not only decorative and improve the brightness and aura of the room; they also play an integral part in protecting people from dust and pollution when keeping windows open. With the majority of the world population having been home-ridden for this year and probably most of the next year as well, home improvements has taken precedence. Nesterra drapery fabrics from Sutlej Textiles not only provide a wide range of superior quality fabrics and appealing designs to choose from; they come with a unique quality which puts them far above the other brands. Their fabrics have protective finishes like fire retardant, insect repellent, Scotchgard protection, Aero and Decca finishes, soil repellent, bio and aroma finishes andwater and oil repellent amongst other finishes. So when you gift a home decorative item like drapes and made-ups, you are adding your personal touch in improving their health for which they will fondly remember you every time they look at it.

Nesterra products as gifts are extra meaningful as they are manufactured using “green approach” and help in reducing carbon footprints, hence minimising global warming. . Let us stand together to support the entire ecosystem this auspicious Diwali. By gifting to your loved ones, you are also gifting back to mother Earth. Change starts with a single step and you can be the voice for this change by your simple contribution. Whether it is for your personal shopping for your family or a corporate order for your employees, you can now purchase these thoughtful gifts from the link below-gifts which will put you a class apart from the others:

So sit in the comfort of your home as the pandemic still surrounds us all, sip that warm cuppa and simply click to gift your loved ones a gift they will truly cherish and appreciate. We wish you a “New Normal , Green & Safe Diwali”- May the light in you be the change the world needs!

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