Curtains: The New Essentials

Curtains: The New Essentials


With the arrival of 2020 came the arrival of “The new Normal” which has totally revolutionised the normal life as we used to know it. The residence which had become a place to simply crash in at the late hours of the day for most urban families has metamorphosed into multifunctional spaces which are now home,school,office and entertainment zones all rolled into one. As aptly stated by a German report,” Now that we are spending more time at home and having to share that limited area with our cohabitants, we need to work on optimising the available space. Partitioning off or zoning our interior between various activities and people, or during different times of the day, presents an easy option. The so-called broken plan — with screens, curtains and plants in the absence of walls — creates digital detox zones while other members of the household carry on with their work.”

A living room which used to be utilized once a week for house parties is now online school by day, playground by evening and an entertainment theatre by night! The spare bedroom which was used as a dumping ground for the extra items at home and only cleaned during the annual Diwali cleaning has now been spruced up to serve as an office space.

This is where curtains have swooped in as the saviour in home interiors. The humble curtain which started as animal hides and room partitions in 3100 B.C has transformed from an accessory to an essential in home furnishing in these current times. Curtains are not only being used to divide rooms and light blockers but also serving as mood enhancers. With people spending almost 100% percent of their time at home, curtains are being used to not just increase the visual appeal of the rooms but also adding the much needed sparkle and vibrancy to the rooms.

The right cut, fabric and colour of the curtain can make or break the beauty of a room. So how do you select the right curtain for your home? With numerous drapery brands marketing uncountable options, a customer is often left feeling confused. We provide you some easy tips on selecting the right drapes for your home so that they not only enhance your interiors but also ensure a sense of privacy and utility.

The right curtain selection depends primarily on three factors- colour, fabric and style.


When it comes to interiors, colours and style are vital to maintain synchronicity. Select the colour of your drapes which will compliment the colour of your walls, not contrast it. Complimenting colours are soothing to the eyes whereas a stark contrast puts pressure on them and often results in headaches and in severe cases, anxiety. Vibrant colours are currently in vogue as they create a positive atmosphere whereas soothing colour palettes are also trending due to their capacity to create a soothing aura.

Fabric of the curtains is another aspect in curtain selection. Based on your requirement, there are a variety of fabric options to select from. Fabrics are roughly divided into two categories- light blockers to light enhancers.For light blocking curtains mainly cotton,silk and velvet are preferred whereas lighter fabrics like lace,voile and nylon etc are mainly used for sheer curtains.


The style of the curtains is integral to the style of your interiors. The top trending styles when selecting curtains for your home these days are as follows:

1 Holiday Portals: These curtains transform your living space to your favourite tropical paradise, providing an element of outdoors to your indoors. With people unable to take their annual holidays or avail any weekend getaway due to the pandemic, people are now forced to vacation at home-literally! Inspired by stunning locales, tropical colours and rich textures, styles like EnduroLiving have fabrics which transcend time and place and are perfect for rooms where you wish to lounge and relax.

2 Glam Quotient: At home in a tiny apartment but wish to feel the mirage of living in a mansion? Purchase velvet, silk and satin curtains which will not only add the Hollywood glam and jazz you desire for your entertainment space or your master bedroom but also serve as efficient light blockers, ensuring you get your beauty sleep irrespective of your work schedule.

3 Happy Homes: Simply desire your personal space to provide enough sunlight during the day and ensure privacy at the same time? Looking to accommodate your humble home into a school and office without losing the comfy, homely feel? Styles like Sensuede,Loft and Greigefabrics which are available in a variety of fibres like cotton, polyester, rayon blends, chenille, flax, silk, jute and linen are not only breathable and easy to clean; they are mostly made of recycled fibres hence promoting sustainability in fashion. The use of fancy space dyed yarns is captivating to the eyes without compromising on the utility.

4 Protection Sheets: With more and more emphasis on building immunity and protecting one’s family from diseases, buyers are looking at curtains which double up as a protection layer in their homes. A variety of options are now available like fire retardant curtains-which minimize the impact of fire and prevent it from spreading; insect repellent which block most mosquitoes and insects hence minimising the onset of diseases like malaria and dengue; bio and aroma finish curtains which elevate your mood with their fragrance amongst others . Zycrobial layered curtains which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-odour in nature are in vogue as they provide immunity from the current diseases upto some extent. These curtains not only serve the basic purpose of dividers and blockers but also add the extra layer of protection.

Be it a fashion accessory or a necessity, curtains remain an integral part of home decoration. The choice of fabric determines if you wish to use your drapes for decorative purpose or a utility item or a mix of both. Choose your fabric wisely and you hold the magic to transform a simple room into a place of beauty. As Keats has rightly said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
In today’s pandemic situation, curtains have been promoted from an accessory to an essential. With “The New Normal”, it has become evident that home furnishings and decor take precedence as people are spending more and more time at home. Like the saying goes,
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra” and curtains are the little extra which transform your home space from ordinary to extraordinary.

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