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Our Home Textiles division has a full-fledged design and development centre dedicated to the creation of new fabric designs using different base materials, shades, weaves and textures, in anticipation of fashion trends in the domestic and international markets as well befitting customisation desired by our clients.

Located in Daheli, Gujarat, Damanganga Home Textiles produces home textiles furnishings with a capacity of 9.6 million metres per annum of products such as curtains, upholstery and other made ups, 126 shuttleless looms, Dobby shedding (42 single-width) and state-of-the-art Jacquard.

While we are constantly building upour collection of artworks by sourcing from renowned design studios around the world, our in-houseteam of designers constantly engages with our key customers to evolve newer design collections that enchant buyer and end-users.

Home textile manufacturing facility | Sutlej
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Our Equipment and Processes

Warping: Prasanth Gamatex

Automatic tension control

Precision winders - Peass Mettler

Warp tying machine - Staubli

Yarn dyeing capacity of 1870 tons per annum

Juki Ultra sonic single needle machine.

High End Fabric cutter machine

Highly calibrated 5 thread over lock machines

5 nozzle stain removing machine

Flat-bed ironing machine

Somet Alpha with wide width - Staubli Electronic Jacquards, capable of weaving upto 340cm with Jumbo Jacquards and 8 colors wefts

Somet Alpha Electronic dobby (20 shaft)

World class catalogue making machine for international buyers

Manufacturing facilities_Catalogue

Italian type finishing and making machines for all stages of catalogue making

Gluing and taping machine up to 30 mtr length

Capacity to finish 500 catalogues a day

Colourant and chemicals that are in compliance with the International Standards

Panta Airo for providing Italian velvet finish to upholstery fabrics

Jet / Zigger for polyester / cotton dyeing

Poltek Shiner for conditioning with shine on fabrics

Decatising - a special kind of finish with steam

Brückner & Yamuna Stenter - monthly capacity of 2.5 million mtrs

FN dyes for Viscose/Cotton and Solo dyes for polyester for international-standard colour fastness