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Our upholstery and curtain fabrics are benchmarked to international quality standards and are the hallmark of consistency and value. With a combination of in-house designs and artworks sourced from reputed furnishing design studios from fashion centres around the world, our premium propositions for our consumers hold a prominent position in the domestic market and commands a strong export call too.

As part of antextile conglomerate, our manufacturing unit comprises a verticallyintegrated mill, equipped to undertake the entire spectrum of pre-requisites for home furnishing textiles from yarn dyeing and weaving to processing and finishing. Equippedwith world-class, modern European manufacturing equipment, state-of-the-art design software, a full-fledged testing laboratory, our Home Textiles division produces wide product range in Upholstery Fabrics, Drapery Fabrics and Made-ups.

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million metres of capacity in 2017-18


shuttle-less looms


growth in revenues in 2018-19


increase in exports in 2018-19

Green and safe working environment

Quality and textiles consistency effect higher sales of premium products

State-of-the-art in design and manufacturing

Backward integration in critical input materials


of Sutlej’s revenues in 2018-19


Sutlej launched its range of Home Décor products with a premium, superior design proposition to the consumer. The products include drapery, upholstery, curtains, pillow and cushion covers, wall-hangings and decorations, etc.

The products are positioned as premium range in the domestic market and also enjoys a strong export demand. With an advanced testing laboratory and the latest testing equipment for analysing yarn and fabric parameters, it guarantees quality products to discerning customers.

Sutlej home decor manufacturers


Nesterra : Nesterra, a premium home furnishings brand in the upholstery and drapery segment is company’s first ever brand extension focusing on a consumer-first approach that draws inspiration from nature’s abode, curating elements from varied cultures that cater to every personality, diverse landscapes and experiences, seamlessly stitching them together to create a tapestry of colour, emotions, and stories one can call their own. Born from an amalgamation of nest (home) and terra (earth), Nesterra believes in bringing to life aesthetic living spaces brimming with nature, colour and personality. Along with wide network of multi-brand outlets, providing creative solutions to the urban consumer looking for easy and convenient fixes with a technology enablement for visualization, Nesterra aims to help inspire consumers redefine their interior landscape / living space.

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