Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to serving the communities in which we operate through measures that improve the quality of their lives. From the philosophy of ‘giving back to society’, our vision has evolved to creating an enabling environment, which will nurture self-dependence and empower communities. The broad areas of our social intervention programme encompass health, education, environmental protection and relief during natural calamities.



Sutlej textile exporters - CSR - Medical Camps in villages

Health is the foundation on which social progress rests. We organise free

Medical Camps

at Villages near our plant locations and extend financial aid to local NGOs to promote activities like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.


Sutlej home textile manufacturers - CSR in education

We believe that education is a crucial component of personal growth and community advancement. Accordingly, we seek to promote


(including special education) and employment enhancing vocational skills, especially amongst children, women, elderly and differently-abled. In addition to distributing free books and school bags to underprivileged students, we provide scholarships and cash rewards to female students to encourage them to pursue education. We also promote and encourage the development of traditional art and culture.


Sutlej yarn mills - CSR in environment protection

In keeping with our mission to achieve greater sustainability and enhance our


quotient, we undertake tree plantations on our premises to improve the region’s green cover. We also fund afforestation efforts and have adopted certain stretches of roads for natural beautification.